A Good News Story from Primary Financial Solutions

At Primary Financial Solutions, we love a good news story especially when it benefits our clients because of a team member’s hard work.

This story starts with something we deal with regularly at the office, a debt consolidation remortgage. The clients came to us looking for help and our Senior Advisor, Ian, went out to visit them at their home.   After completing his initial fact find, he was confident we would be able to help them rearrange their mortgage and consolidate their debt – this alone saving the client £1700 per month!

When Ian submitted the case to the Lender they required both applicants on the mortgage to have a pension due to being in retirement age at the end of the mortgage term.  Our Financial Planner, Nick, was booked in to see them and arrange a pension to ensure that we were securing their financial future.  When meeting Nick for the first time, the couple explained how they had experienced financial difficulties in the past and did not have the confidence, nor the need, to meet with a Financial Planner.  They were under the impression that they had a small pension with the husband’s employer and estimated this to be worth approx. £25,000.  After Nick’s initial conversations with the client he began to understand the client’s circumstances further and felt that as the husband had worked in senior roles for the majority of his adult life and, unfortunately, been made redundant three times throughout his career, there would, more than likely, be more pensions in the background that had been forgotten over the years.

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    With this hunch, Nick arranged to revisit this client to gather more information. The client’s were excited at the prospect of possible further pensions being available for their retirement and, therefore, signed authority letters allowing him to contact pension providers on their behalf.  After writing off to previous employers and receiving details back from them, Nick has managed to uncover a pension pot of more than £150,000.  This is six times more than the client’s originally thought. Understandably, the client’s are over the moon with this discovery!  For this couple in their 50’s this gives them a real possibility of retiring comfortably, if it is managed right from now on

    Have you had several employers and believe you may have unforgotten pensions? Nick is a fully qualified Financial Planner and he offers a free initial pension check to new and existing clients through Primary Financial Solutions.

    For further information on how to check on funds for a comfortable retirement, contact the office direct on 01489 876 574.  Remember this is your money!

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